GPA Requirement

     1. When can the 2.5 GPA requirement be waived?

The GPA requirement can be waived when the high school GPA is not reflective or an
indicator of potential college / university GPA. Students must provide substantial and
exceptional reasons for low GPA. The reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Financial Status

  • Extracurricular Activities,

  • Family / Personal Reasons

  • Medical Conditions

     2. How should a student provide reasons to get the GPA requirement waived?

The student must submit a concise and comprehensive summary (PDF or Word file)
outlining how their GPA meets substantial and exceptional reasons by emailing both
lul.gsu@gmail.com and gerardo.perez@launidadlatina.org. The email must be submitted
co-currently with the scholarship application.



Essay Questions

     Question 1: Please describe your career goals and vision. (Max 750 Words)

Student should include their career aspirations and reason for pursuing such careers. Essay
should describe how they arrived at their career conclusion and how they plan to get there.


     Question 2: Please describe how your education will empower you to advocate for the
     DACA community and your future goals? (Max: 750 words)

Student should include how their education will empower them to advocate for the DACA
community and reach their future goals. Essay must include the importance of education in
making an impact in the DACA community and their personal goals.


     Question 3: Please describe how you have already contributed to community empowerment
     and advocacy. (Max: 750 words)


Student should include the things they have already done for their community and / or
family. Essay should provide qualitative detail on commitment and dedication demonstrated

by student.

Deadline to complete application is June 30th, 2019, 11:59:59 PM.

For any and all questions or concerns regarding the DREAM Scholarship, 

please email lul.gsu@gmail.com AND gerardo.perez@launidadlatina.org

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