The intent of this event is to showcase the Latino/Hispanic culture to the GSU and greater Atlanta communities. This event has been billed as the official kick-off for Hispanic Heritage Month in Atlanta since its creation in 2009. It is designed to promote Latino cultural awareness through an exposure to music, dance, and authentic food. The Latino community has had a profound effect in the United States as well as around the world and we take this time to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate success in unity, not only amongst Latinos, but also in conjunction with other cultures. 


La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated primarily seeks to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino and minority community through brotherhood, academic achievement, community service, and promotion of the Latino culture and people. This event serves as the official kick-off to Hispanic Heritage Month in the Atlanta area. It showcases the Latino culture through art, song, dance, food, and spoken word. There is a deep focus emphasized on different milestones that have been achieved by Latinos. We aim to capture the common values in Latino community, such as family, culture, and history in order to properly represent our community. Our food and music during the event give a glimpse of how much we value our history and cultural backgrounds. La Unidad Latina works to capture all of these concepts while bringing awareness to the events that are held for the remainder of Hispanic Heritage Month.